Amy was drawn to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica at the age of 19. Originally from Canada, she found herself instantly connected to the “Pura Vida” lifestyle and culture of Costa Rica. After many years spent traveling back and forth from Central America, Canada, and Asia, Amy decided to stop traveling and call Puerto Viejo home.


Here, she laid her roots, building a life, starting Oshiis Caribbean Lounge Cafe, buying a home and raising a daughter (Keala Ocean aka Oshii). It wasn’t until she moved back to Canada that she decided to start Oshiis Surf & Yoga Experience, thus combining her passion and her profession. “Besides my daughter, there are no greater loves in my life than surfing and traveling” Amy states. “Consequently, my dreams became a reality and we are now organizing groups from all around the world”.



Amira is originally from Panama City, Panama now living in Cambutal, Tonosi Valley, Panama. Located on the Pacific coast of Panama. Amira is a real example of “living the dream”.


Amira is a true gypsy spirit. An architect by trade, Amira has taken the choice to live as a free spirit. Traveling the world surfing, creating and selling art under her personal brand BONGZAII, and growing organic food in her garden are just a few of her hobbies. Amira’s fun loving, wild, hilarious, rhythmical personality will keep your spirits high every moment you are around her. Amira charges big waves and generates big laughs. Be sure of that.

Our Next Adventure: Oct 7 – 14, 2017 – Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica



Gilbert is a native to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica currently living in Jaco. A fifteen year Quiksilver sponsored national surfing champion (4 times) and current Costa Rican National Junior Team coach, Gilbert brings a depth and knowledge to our team of instructors you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world. As an experienced travel and surf guide (who is also trilingual: Spanish, English, and Patois) you will surely be entertained by his amazing knack for storytelling. He is constantly sharing stories, insight, and experiences he has had traveling the world as a professional surfer.



Rigo is also native to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica and has been surfing for 18+ years. Rigo won the Costa Rica Junior National Championship at age 15 and proves to be one of the best surfers in the water at any beach he travels. He is also an experienced travel and surf guide and fluent in Spanish, English, and Patois. You will surely be impressed with Rigo’s patience and persistence in the water, always helping our guests catch surf the best waves of their lives. Don’t be surprised if there are an excessive amount of joking that go along with that.

Keala Ocean Hawkins Kapitza – aka Oshii


Keala (aka Oshii) is the namesake of the company.
Keala started to surf when she was just a baby. Her dad (Rigo) used to take her out on the longboard when she could barely walk. It’s no wonder she is a pro in the making. Keala acts a guest guide a few times a year, along side with her parents. She is the spirit and the heart of the team. Hopefully, you are fortunate enough to register for an Oshiis Surf & Yoga Experience when she is there. Her fun loving personality, jokes for days(just like her dad) and positive attitude are truly something special.

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