Planning a Holiday? Why choose the Oshiis Surf & Yoga Experience?

Planning a Holiday? Why choose the Oshiis Surf & Yoga Experience?

As the options for adventure travel continue to grow and evolve, we find ourselves in the exciting position of being able to showcase why Oshiis Surf & Yoga Experience should be your premier choice for Central American active expeditions!

To say it simply, we are here to provide the most safe and authentic, magical adventure in Central America. At Oshiis, our team is tops when it comes to: heart, passion and experience. Within one week, you will experience what has taken us a life time to establish.

The Oshiis family includes: Amira Richa Holmes, Gilbert Brown, Rigo Hawkins, and myself (Amy Kapitza). We have been friends for close to 20 years and have built a strong foundation of kinship and memories through surfing and travelling.  We are excited to welcome every guest that joins the Oshiis Experience into our family – nurturing new friendships and creating unforgettable memories together. The objective: for our guest to be inexorably drawn to our services and our guides!

What makes Oshiis unique is the high level of surf instruction. Gilbert Brown (5 time Costa Rican National Champion) and Rigo Hawkins (Costa Rican National Junior Champion) have a 100% success rate teaching our guests to surf. Whether your goal is to transition from a nine foot board to a six foot board, get into your first barrel, or ride your first wave, these guys will confidently get you to the level of surfing you desire by week’s end. Impressively, they have even taught people to surf who are terrified of the ocean. #truestory.

Their true gift: reading the ocean, tides, swells, wind patterns, and respecting mother nature! Together, they teach our guests these invaluable tools. Rigo and Gilbert equip guests with skills to prepare you for your impending surfing career. Ideally, our goal is for our guests to have the confidence and the knowledge to paddle out and catch waves independently.

Amira and I are always close by, capturing amazing footage of our guest in actions from break to beach. We provide our guests with visual memories that unite exuberance with reality and you leave with photos documenting amazing experiences and wonderful times in the water..or jungle:-).

Each trip we collaborate with Oshiis Ambassadors to deliver first class yoga programmes. We partner with likeminded individuals who share our passion for people, travel and living a healthy lifestyle. Our Ambassadors are experienced yoga instructors, who are culturally minded and regional leaders in their profession. They will be on site to help stretch and recover all of those surf strong muscles exacerbated by the board and breaks. Moreover, they will elevate your yoga practice and challenge you to your personal best.

Come and join us for an unforgettable holiday. Register today for your Oshiis Experience.